Friday, December 30, 2011

@mcdonalds FourSquare check ins specials

Can someone at McDonalds let your franchises know about the check in specials. Why does most of the employees do not know and then when they ask the manager he doesn't know. Went to the Mcdonalds on Huron in Ypsilanti and had to prove I checked in at their Mcdonalds. Wanted to make sure I was not using another Mcdonalds special. As large of a corporation as you are you should be able to get this out to all of the stores that you are on Foursquares. Please work on it, it frustrates your loyal customers.

Monday, November 28, 2011

RIP - Frederic Meijer



This past Friday a man that was community minded, philanthropist, and a grocery magnate died.  My memories of  Fred is at the opening of the Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, when he talked  to me why he put particular attention to the color of who was playing which sport in the sport sculptures.  He was a man that cared about bringing people together.  He was a friend to everyone.  I also still have my purple cow card that he gave me.  You always knew that when you sat down and talked to him that you would be there awhile.  You always knew that when you left his presence,  that your life would be richer from his wisdom.  He will truly be missed.


Commanding my morning,



Mary C. Hartfield

Thursday, November 3, 2011

#JohnWooden Confidence

Confidence: "There is perhaps no stronger steel than well-founded self-belief: the knowledge that your preparation is complete, that you have done all things possible to ready yourself and your organization for the competition, whatever form it comes in. This is confidence."

---John Wooden

Friday, October 28, 2011


I've always loved Tracy's collections! I used to dress for her shows when I lived in NYC....oh how I miss those days:) Well, I also LOVE Mally and I need to get on buying some of her line! I know it will be AMAZE! Hope you're inspired! I'm going to try to do my eyeliner like she shared.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Be a Mother Like Eleanor Roosevelt #WOI

In a 1927 article, Mrs. Roosevelt offered her opinon on parenting:

  • Furnish an example in living.
  • Stop preaching ethics and morals.  She says, "Children cannot just be told.  They must see the values you preach put into practice if they are to become real."
  • Have a knowledge of life's problems and an imagination.
  • Stop shielding your children and clipping their wings.
  • Allow your children to develop along their own lines.
  • Don't prevent self-reliance and initiative.
  • Have a vision yourself and bigness of soul.  The next generation will take care of itself.

Ok, do you think that is good parenting advice?  I do!


As Always Commanding My Morning,


Mary C. Hartfield

(Reading: How to Be Like Women of Influence)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Book - How to Be Like Women of Influence #WOI

This book is written by Pat and Ruth Williams (Orlando Magic).  The last quarter of the year I try to get focus and ready for the New Year.  This is the first book I am reading for the quarter. I thought I would highlight some of the women in the book:

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How to Be Like Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. Strive to keep your social conscience awake and vibrant at all times.  This is so important in these times where so many people are homeless or lacking the finances they are used to having.  It could be you in that situation.
  2. Blaze new paths and don't allow yourself to be restricted by outdated traditions.  Working at Girl Scouts it reminds me of volunteers & staffs who want to always refer to 'we use to'.  There is a reason that we have changed, learned, & grown.  We don't forget about what Girl Scouts stands for, but we can't be restricted by outdated traditions.
  3. See things for yourself, wherever you have to go to do so. This reminds me that I have to get my passport.  I have been a lot of places in the US, but it is time to venture outside of the US.  I have to experience things, see things myself.
  4. Don't shy away from making your opinions known.  Well, I have never had a problem with this. I grew up in a family; where we were allow having a voice.  As long as we did it respectfully.
  5. Pay attention to the details.  I couldn't agree more.  If you don't pay attention to the details you may miss something.  I may be a "Just Do It!" person, but I do pay attention to the details.  Also, I want to know everything about everything.
  6. Communicate with everyone you need to. Let your voice be heard.  Mrs. Roosevelt did through her daily syndicated newspaper column "My Day."  We do it through blogging, twitter, Facebook, and so many other ways.  Don't be silent.  What you have to say is important.
  7. When you feel something is wrong, take a stand.  Thank God for Martin Luther King, II, Rosa Parks, and all the other individuals that took a stand that I may the privileges that I have in life.  Yet, we still need to continue to take a stand on issues we believe in.  I say a longtime friend tonight and she is a Republican.  I admire her.  She talks about how she goes to gatherings and she may be the only African American in the room, but she is taken a stand with her political beliefs.  As an African American, we need Republicans, Independents, Democrats, etc.  We need to have an impact and we cannot do that being in one political party.
  8. Stay mentally strong.  No matter what you go through in life --stay mentally strong.  Stay focus.
  9. Realize you're never too old to contribute to society.  I will be 50 next year and I feel like I am just getting started.  I know that I have so much more to contribute to society and especially to girls. 
  10. Make use of all the hours in the day.  That has been a problem for me.  I am always awake odd hours of the night, trying to get something done.  Yet, I still believe what my grandmother told me, "The early bird catches the worm".  My natural alarm goes off at 5 am most days.  I always thing, if I sleep in I will miss something. 
  11. Live your life with passion and boldness.  I love this statement.  You have to read the book to see what she believed on this statement.  I work at Girl Scouts, because I have a passion for girls.  It is not about the paycheck.  I do the work on purpose, every day.
  12. Do what your heart tells you and don't ever worry about what the critics say.  No one is going to like everything you do, so you might as well do what your heart tells you to do.  You are always going to have haters.
  13. Make the most of every day of your life.  Don't waste the time that God has given.  I live my life on purpose every single day of my life.  I will leave this earth empty. (Read - Robbing the Grave of Its Greatness! by Delatorro L. McNeal II)
  14. Know your strengths.  Everyone always wants to focus on their weaknesses instead of their strengths.  If you focus on your strengths, you won't even be aware of your weaknesses.  CEOs everyday hires individuals that have assets that don't have.  They don't spend time trying to gain those assets; they hire someone that already has those skills and abilities.


As always I am commanding my day,


Mary C Hartfield

Friday, September 30, 2011

Passion in your work

Watching Morning Joe and they are at Bronx Charter School for Excellence. Head of School - Charlene Reid talks about having teachers who buy into the mission. Reminded me of the book "Good to Great", having the right people on the bus. Having the people in your organization who buy into the mission and have a passion to do the work. Sometime in your life, you have to go beyond just going to a job and getting a paycheck. I get up every morning excited, because I have an opportunity to impact a girl's life. I have a passion for girl's and this 'opportunity' allows me to do this everyday. The reason I say 'opportunity' and not job, because I had a career in banking for 23 years. Now I am doing what I have a passion for everyday. Do a self check -- are you doing everyday what you have a passion for or you at a job getting a paycheck? If you answered getting a paycheck .... make a commitment today to start doing what you have to do, to get to the place where you are doing what you have a passion for everyday.

As always commanding my morning,

Mary C Hartfield

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 10 Principles of Power

Principle #1 They Keep The End in Sight

In this article Michele Booth Cole, Executive Dirctor of Safe Shores wanted to buy a building from the city and expand the organization.  The city told them that owning was out of the question.  She had to realize that the overeaching goals was securing a larger space.  She had to weigh her options and remember what the overreaching goal was, even though they wanted to own their own space.  They ended up leasing  a 17,000-square-foot building that they were able to have a central role in the design and layout. The article talks about Cole's ability to focus on the nonprofit's mission was a key factor in using her power.  "A leader who's self-aware and knowledgeable about a company's core values can guide critical decisions and enable the organization to be prudent under pressure."

You have to know your company's core values.  There is going to come a time that you are going to have to make a decision and it is going to come done to the mission and core values of the company.

I work for Girl Scouts and overall I am there to serve the girls. Our mission: "Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place."  So my activities should always be based on this mission and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience that we want every girl to experience.  

When we as individuals 'Keep the End in Sight' this will keep you focus on what you should be doing in your everyday activities.  Forget about the distractions ....focus on your mission.  This should drive you everyday work.  If it doesn't, maybe you should rethink if you are in the right organization.


As always command your day,


Mary C Hartfield

Monday, September 26, 2011

The 10 Principles of Power

I am reading my October 2011 Essence Magazine and I thought I will give you my thoughts on the articles in the magazine.  This is a powerful reminder of what it takes to be a true leader.  Here is the subtitle under the article title - 'What does it take to be a true leader? To start, you must be willing to embrace your strengths, apply these ten essential traits of power players, for a swift climb up the ladder of success'.  The article was written by Lonnae O'Neal Parker.  Here is one of the quotes from Michelle Booth Cole, Executive Director Safe Shores - "Power is about sharing leadership and cultivating others to get things done with a real sense of excellence".  I thought this was a powerful statement.  You as a leader have to be willing to share yor leadership.  How many leaders do you know that are willing to do this?  How many bosses have you worked for that are willing to share?  If you are a leader are you sharing your leadership and cultivating others to get things done with a real sense of excellence?  I will leave you with these questions and share tomorrow the first principle.


As always command your day,


Mary C Hartfield

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

How many times have you just did just enough? Ordinary people do just enough to make it.  Extraordinary people go above and exceed expectations.  Read:  Proverbs 10:4, Deut. 28:13, Rve. 3:15-16, and Luke 8:16.  Thank about it!  God wants his daughters to outshine the daughters of the world. Are you Ordinary or Extraordinary?  If your answer is Ordinary, make a decision today to go above and beyond what the world expects out of you.  As always ..... Believe in YOU!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

X-Men #XMen

On Friday I went with the Eric's to see X-Men.  My question is why does the black men have to die first? That ruin the whole movie for me.  Why can't a black man be part of the super hero's.  I don't understand.  How many movies can we name that the brotha always die first.  Why couldn't he live to the end and be part of the hero's.  I really want to know.

As always, livin' out my purpose everyday,

Mary C Hartfield

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JUST THINK, you're not her by chance, but by God's choosing.

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When I walked into work this morning this is the quote I read on my wall:


JUST THINK, you’re not here by chance, but by God’s choosing

HIS HAND FORMED YOU and made you the person you are.

He compares you to no one else—you are ONE OF A KIND.

YOU LACK NOTHING that His grace can’t give you.

HE HAS ALLOWED you to be here at this time in history

to fulfill His special purpose FOR THIS GENERATION.

                                    ­--Roy Lessin 


Is that powerful?  Meditate on this quote today.


            As Always, fulfilling my purpose,


                                               Mary C. Hartfield

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christian Louboutin 4A Python Suede Platform Bootie

I like, but I don't know about the 6.6 inches. What do you think?

Christian Louboutin 4A Python Suede Platform Bootie: "

Christian Louboutin 4A Python Suede Platform Bootie is a post from: Your Next Shoes

My oh my, I think Christian Louboutin is doing a major image overhaul. Check out these booties from his Spring 2011 Collection. Tell me, do these look like Loubis to you? Save for the red bottoms…it could actually pass as a pair of Jeffrey Campbells, don’t you think?

Christian Louboutin 4A Platform Suede Booties, US$1395

(heels at 6.5 inches; platforms at 2 inches)

Forgive me, I don’t mean to imply that Mr. Louboutin is a copy cat, and I’m not bashing him either, I am simply stating an observation aloud – his shoes are getting chunkier. The change in his aesthetic for this collection is quite apparent.

Of course, this goes without saying that these booties are more than just show stopping. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted. To wear it will require a lot of personality. If you’re the type, feel free to purchase these 4A Python Suede Platform Booties at Neiman Marcus. It retails for US$1395.