Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Be a Mother Like Eleanor Roosevelt #WOI

In a 1927 article, Mrs. Roosevelt offered her opinon on parenting:

  • Furnish an example in living.
  • Stop preaching ethics and morals.  She says, "Children cannot just be told.  They must see the values you preach put into practice if they are to become real."
  • Have a knowledge of life's problems and an imagination.
  • Stop shielding your children and clipping their wings.
  • Allow your children to develop along their own lines.
  • Don't prevent self-reliance and initiative.
  • Have a vision yourself and bigness of soul.  The next generation will take care of itself.

Ok, do you think that is good parenting advice?  I do!


As Always Commanding My Morning,


Mary C. Hartfield

(Reading: How to Be Like Women of Influence)


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