Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 10 Principles of Power

Principle #1 They Keep The End in Sight

In this article Michele Booth Cole, Executive Dirctor of Safe Shores wanted to buy a building from the city and expand the organization.  The city told them that owning was out of the question.  She had to realize that the overeaching goals was securing a larger space.  She had to weigh her options and remember what the overreaching goal was, even though they wanted to own their own space.  They ended up leasing  a 17,000-square-foot building that they were able to have a central role in the design and layout. The article talks about Cole's ability to focus on the nonprofit's mission was a key factor in using her power.  "A leader who's self-aware and knowledgeable about a company's core values can guide critical decisions and enable the organization to be prudent under pressure."

You have to know your company's core values.  There is going to come a time that you are going to have to make a decision and it is going to come done to the mission and core values of the company.

I work for Girl Scouts and overall I am there to serve the girls. Our mission: "Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place."  So my activities should always be based on this mission and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience that we want every girl to experience.  

When we as individuals 'Keep the End in Sight' this will keep you focus on what you should be doing in your everyday activities.  Forget about the distractions ....focus on your mission.  This should drive you everyday work.  If it doesn't, maybe you should rethink if you are in the right organization.


As always command your day,


Mary C Hartfield

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