Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spitirual Family

The other day I went to my Spiritual Father's mother birthday celebration. It was awesome to hear what other women around the same age as her, had to say how she has spiritually blessed their lives. How in reality she has become 'the pastor' of he senior housing village. As I sat listening to everyone else, I thought about what she has meant to me since I met her. We have truly connected since I met her two years ago. We can talk to each other without speaking. She is an awesome person who has so much wisdom and discernment. Yet, this morning I fully received the revelation of the impact of this women on my life. Because of her I have an awesome spiritual father and because of him I have an awesome spiritual mother. You know God gives us a natural family tree, but yet he also blesses us with a spiritual family tree; if we receive it. The natural family tree gives you life and a heritage, but the spiritual family tree truly births your purpose and destiny. When you have spiritual grandparents, spiritual parents and spiritual sisters they make sure that there are no spiritual abortion. They make sure that you birth forth your purpose and destiny. Take time today and make sure that you have a strong spiritural famity tree. Your life depends on it!

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