Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Financial Crisis - A Heritage Point of View

On Monday, September 29 as I watch the House of Rep not pass the Bailout Bill and the biggest point drop ever 777.68 on the market. I did not panic as the President may have suggested last week. Instead I thought of where I came from, my heritage. I thought of my ancestors. They made it over on a boat (I know, because I traced it); they gave them scraps to eat and now we have a major cuisine - Soul Food. They had in them survival instincts. This is the time where we have to pull out of us our survival instincts, because we know it is in us. We have to learn to do without less. We have to start paying off bills, instead of creating bills. This is not the time to panic about your investments or 401k. We just have to be patient, be wise and remember that we come from a stock of people that survived through the worst of circumstances.

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Kim said...

your timing couldn't have been better on this!