Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Ways To Push Yourself To GET THINGS DONE and Live That Rockstar Life You've Always Dreamed Of

Need some motivation to light that inner fire or kick your own butt? Here are 10 mental strategies to finally get cracking on those life goals you've been dreaming about.

1. Wikipedia 5 of your greatest role models in your area of your dream work. Chances are they were already getting their ball rolling in major ways at a very young age--late teens to early twenties. Don't fool yourself into thinking you hae a lot of time.

2. Do one very small action step today. An e-mail, a phone call, a sentence, a single brush stroke, ten minutes of research. One very small action step is an infinity times more powerful than doing absolutely nothing. 

3. Have a morning routine and an evening routine that will get you working on your dream career or goal. That way, you are starting your day and ending your day on a high note: making closer steps to achieving your dreams. 

4. Make an ongoing time log of all the minutes and hours you spend working on your important goals. When you clock yourself in and out, you are your own boss and employee, and you are holding yourself completely accountable for how you spend or waste your time. You will also notice your own particular patterns and learn to adjust accordingly for your maximum productivity.

5. Make a RESULTS list, not a TO-DO list. You will know with greater clarity what exactly you want to achieve.

6. Find a mentor. Or a buddy who wants to achieve the same goals as you do. When you are holding yourself accountable to at least one other person, you will be more motivated to prove to the world that you will get it done.

7. Find your own inner motivation to push yourself to do better. What is the most satisfying thing about getting something done? Not fame, fortune, or compliments (though they are certainly nice), but the quiet inner satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from having achieved something great with your own two feet. Remember that. 

8. Get scared of falling into the mediocre life. What's the easiest way to get scared of mediocrity? To think of the many people you know who have been "someday"ing about their life dreams for the last five, ten, fifteen years but not doing anything about it. 

9. Eliminate "try to" when you speak about your goals. Which statement sounds more convincing to you: "I will TRY TO lose five pounds" or "I WILL lose five pounds"? Saying "try to"--whether to yourself or to others--is a subconscious way of giving yourself permission to slack off or not do it.

10. Remember: how you live your life today is how you live your life every day. If you're not careful, what you do to procrastinate on your life eventually becomes your life. Now how about getting that dream map on paper tonight instead of rewatching the entire first season of Glee? 

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